The Year of Creative Vitality

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Sexy Beast

We designed Wolfgang the Wood Dragon to celebrate Lunar New Year. He’s fine with “Wolfie D.”

Dragons represent success, intelligence, and honor. A Wood Dragon in particular represents vitality and creativity, as well as steadiness, honesty, generosity, and calmness. 

Created using our digital silkscreen process, Wolfie D. was composited with over 60 layers, using a dozen effects combined with hand illustrations.

Select products have a complementary motif with a ‘dragon’ kanji in traditional madder red over a gold-leaf rising sun for extra prosperity.

All Wolfie D. products are limited editions of 50 each. 


Q&S Shop is a concept store catering to writers, artists, and freethinkers, “Wearable ideas for creative minds,” although our products are by no means limited to apparel.

A brand extension of creative multi-hyphenate James Killough’s Quibblers & Scribblers newsletter, Q&S Shop explores apartisan social, political and cultural themes that reflect Killough’s uncommon worldview and life experience.

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Q&S Shop is the brand extension of Quibblers & Scribblers, a newsletter and forthcoming videocast covering a broad, diverse spectrum of topics, from arts and entertainment to sociopolitical discourse with an uncommon globalist perspective. 

We offer discounts and discounted offers via our newsletter. Please open the menu below for details or go directly to Quibblers & Scribblers Subscriptions to sign up.

Free subscribers (“Friends”)

Receive 10% off and free shipping off their first order within the U.S. and Canada. 

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Receive 20% off unlimited purchases and free shipping within the U.S. and Canada for the term of their subscription, access to premium content, and automatic participation in occasional giveaways and contests.

Please click on the magic link below to be taken to the Quibblers & Scribblers site and sign up for the type of subscription that works for you. You’ll receive an onboarding email with a coupon to apply at checkout.

Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

We are excited about the possibilities of building an apparel brand around print-on-demand and dropshipping: One vendor takes care of every order, printing and shipping from strategic locations around the world. Each piece is printed individually, eliminating waste from unsold inventory, and ensuring it goes out defect-free.

This is a different online shopping experience from what most people are used to. Given that our vendor doesn’t accept returns on defect-free merchandise or issue refunds, we only replace items that have been damaged in shipping or have gone missing. We don’t accept returns or issue refunds for buyer’s remorse.

Originality & Exclusivity

While some of our designs are sampled and modified from existing art, they are nonetheless our exclusive designs, available only via this site.

Some themes, such as Digital Silkscreens, are limited editions. Tack all of that onto the fact each item is made individually, and you can be confident that you are unlikely to run into anyone else wearing the same thing. 

We order samples of everything we design. As creative professionals, we have exacting standards — we wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t wear or use ourselves. The raw product is top-notch. The designs are a matter of taste.

Sales & Discounts

We have no stock to get rid of after a season; we don’t need to have sales. It’s also the oldest con in the retail world — we value honesty and authenticity too much for sleights of hand. Again: we only offer offers and discounts via subscriptions to the Quibblers & Scribblers Newsletter.

Value & Pricing

We’ve scrutinized printed athleisure products from major labels that sell for three times or more than we’re charging. Our products match the best out there.

We price according to how much time it takes to make a particular design. While RuHulk might look like a mashup of two icons from pickup art scavenged on the internet, it still took a total of ~5 days and three orders of samples to get him/him right. We only have those exacting standards of ours to blame; hopefully, you’ll be thankful for them when you receive your order.

Contact Us for Whatever

Over the many years that we’ve been branding and marketing wonks, we’ve come to depend on customer feedback. Some people swear by group therapy, others orgies — we’re kinky for focus groups. 

There’s no such thing as a Karen in the Quibblers & Scribblers multiverse, only Lolas — you know the song, “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.” Please let us know your opinions whether positive or negative, if you find errors in the website, or have the slightest issue with a design and content, provided you’re not tolling.

Fair warning: garlic and rosemary roasted troll with spuds and turnips is one of our favorite dishes. 

Positive testimonials will be incorporated into this site once our training wheels come off and we’ve ironed out the inevitable kinks, as will comments and reviews.

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours:

Proud to Be Total Whores

Seriously, though: We can vouch for the truth in the expression, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Actually getting paid to do what we love when we would do it for free is both immensely flattering and a burden of guilt that we never get used to. 

Inquiries for commissions are likewise an honor and always welcome. A list of the global brands and corporate clients we’ve worked with can be found here.

We’re more than happy to print our designs on other products from our vendor’s catalog, for a small fee that you can leave on the dresser — but no kissing.

For all of the above and anything else we might have overlooked, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email:

What's With the Baby?

The Quibblers & Scribblers Newsletter mascot, Baby Ernie, is named after the Monty Python character Ernest Scribbler, who writes the world’s funniest joke and dies from laughing. In his infant form, Ernie represents the creative individual as a freethinker who strives for what is known in Zen traditions as a “beginner mind,” a delighted, fresh and ever-curious worldview that is as unfettered as humanly possible from preconceived notions, expectations, and biases.

The tagline of the Newsletter is “Storytellers rewriting fictions that drive the world.” That philosophy extends to the shop: Don’t just question everything, rewrite it. You can borrow Baby Ernie’s pen and ink for redlining.

About Us

Quibblers & Scribblers is a part of Killough Media. For more information, including why our politics might seem befuddling, please visit the Who We Are page on our main website, Pure Film Creative:

Wearable ideas for creative minds.
Wearable ideas for creative minds.